Company Policy



As part of our corporate mission, we strive to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our stakeholders every day. SACI is committed to analysing every situation to identify the relevant internal and external factors, understand the expectations of the interested parties, and assess the risks and opportunities arising from meeting them within the overall framework of achieving the company’s strategic objectives. What’s more, SACI Industrie S.p.A. intends to adopt a proactive approach to change by implementing methodological processes for analysis and control to monitor and validate the outcomes of actions taken.

Below is a list of the needs and expectations identified for each of our stakeholders:


We are responsible for the quality of the product we supply to our clients. Our top priorities include ensuring the compliance of products with legal requirements and satisfying client expectations in terms of the quality and safety of house-cleaning products.In order to satisfy the needs and expectations of consumers, we conduct ongoing research and development to constantly improve and perfect the products we make, making use of all available technology to minimise costs.

We constantly update production processes to provide consumers with a well-made product that respects the specifications, the quantities ordered and the delivery terms, while also observing the provisions of certification standard IFS-HPC. We have adopted and promote a quality management system in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2015, implementing procedures and operating structures which aim to guarantee clients top product performance, prompt delivery and traceability.

We are responsible for monitoring client satisfaction and adequately handling all non-conformities that may arise, eliminating their causes through the appropriate corrective actions.
We want to make products that are always high-quality and sustainable, using all the best technologies to guarantee consumer safety.
We also want to provide clients with all the information they need to use the product correctly, productively and safely. For that reason, we have signed up to the AISE Charter, a voluntary initiative that promotes and prioritises the concept of sustainability in all its meanings and implications. To that end, we are tasked with meticulously following AISE guidelines on the use of label icons carefully studied to prevent the risks of incorrect use.

We are responsible for respecting the environment throughout the entire life cycle of the products we provide, which is why we wish to promote Ecolabel-certified products. We prioritise the use of recyclable materials and facilitate the separation of materials in the design of our products. It is also our job to inform clients of best usage practices, to ensure energy and economic savings while respecting the environment.

We want to manufacture sustainably, in the interests of the environment, our clients, and the workers involved in the production chain. That’s why we’ve joined the RSPO consortium, whose aims include preventing deforestation, preserving protected animal species and safeguarding workers. We also adhere to the RSPO certification standard in the supply chain, to guarantee the end client that the entire palm oil derivative production chain is traceable and sustainable.


Respect for the environment is an essential requirement of our activities, and of all the activities that involve the interested parties. We work tirelessly to raise awareness among suppliers, transporters and collaborators so that the environmental impacts of all activities are reduced to a minimum.

We aim to implement meticulous waste management, handling and disposing of waste in compliance with national and European legislation.
We are committed to fully complying with environmental, safety and product regulations, collaborating constructively with the control authorities.

We must spread, share, and raise awareness of our policy, maintaining a good level of communication with the world outside the company.
Only by doing so can we make a profit in a sustainable way.


In 2016, we significantly increased our energy efficiency with the total replacement of the old light fittings with new LED lights. We also replaced a number of obsolete engines on our manufacturing lines with new, highly efficient ones equipped with inverter technology for energy modulation. These improvements were partly carried out with the help of grants provided by the Regional Fund for Planning, Innovation and Competitiveness in Umbria (POR FESR 2014-2020): “Support for investments in energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources”.


We are committed to selecting our suppliers with care and transparency. We aim to implement monitoring activities which promote the constant improvement of the materials and services provided, to guarantee clients a consistent quality level.

We want our suppliers to make a fair profit, growing and expanding to meet their potential, and we seek to ensure continuity of supply while respecting commercial and economic needs.

We expect respect for the environment to be guaranteed at all times, as well as the safety of the workers involved in supply activities. To that end, it is our task to raise our partners’ awareness of direct and indirect environmental issues and any risks related to the health and safety of workers, to prevent environmental incidents and injuries.


Productive activities must generate a fair return. It is our intention to reinvest profits to build new structures, invest in new machinery, adopt the best techniques, develop innovative products and hire personnel. We must safeguard environmental resources, minimising waste as much as possible.

We must also invest in the safety of our workers, to guarantee a secure future for their families and for our company.

Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations is all-important for us, and must be considered the starting point for the growth of our activities.

We must evaluate our performances, set shared, quantifiable and measurable goals for ourselves, and ensure change management. The periodic and systematic revision of all processes and activities must constitute the basis for the implementation of continuous improvements.


We must make sure to respect the dignity of all workers and to recognise their value. Work must provide personal fulfilment, through fair compensation and job positions that respect people’s abilities and aspirations.

We want to guarantee a serene working environment, founded on fairness and ethical conduct.

We are responsible for the safety of our employees. We work to minimise the risk of accidents, seeking to ensure that all activities are carried out under conditions of maximum safety. Every effort must be made to reduce the level of risk in our activities, with no economic, technological or human resources spared in that effort.

We want our workers to share our corporate objectives, so that they will feel pride and a sense of belonging as the company grows. We must make sure that the procedures put in place are respected and followed at all levels, with no distinctions made for rank or hierarchy. The training of workers must be able to ensure that they have an adequate level of preparation for the duties assigned to them. We must continuously inform, engage and raise awareness among personnel through appropriate initiatives for participation, training and consultation, so that they become active players in the process of implementing and carrying out company activities.

Specifically, we must constantly monitor significant environmental impacts and the risks connected with our activities, in order to avoid harming the environment or the health and safety of workers.

Workers must be made aware of our responsibilities towards the client through continuous reminders. Care for the environment and a focus on safety must be fostered at all levels, by making workers aware of the consequences of their personal conduct. For that reason, we have adopted and promote an environmental management system and a safety management system in accordance with standards ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.